Rising star Carina Harris

was murdered during

an unscheduled rehearsal

for an upcoming play.  

Now it's up to the director

of the show to determine

which of his temperamental

cast members is dramatic

enough to be a killer!

Purple Dreams Productions

are delighted to present

brand new murder mystery

'The Empty Stage'.

Tailored specifically to

each venue, this unique play

is sure to get the audience guessing whodunit?

"I was right to have looked forward to watching this play.  I really enjoyed it.  Great play.  Great acting.  Great night out.

Thank you."

- bellringer_2 on twitter

(following a performance at the

Tom Thumb Theatre)

"Fabulous play: skillfully written with exactly the right balance of the expected and the unexpected; expertly acted with a believable cast who clearly enjoyed every minute.  Can't recommend it enough.


- Theresa Hewett

(following a performance

in Margate)

Carina and Max EL Max Patrick Sadie TJA Carina and Sadie TK Carina and Max KT Patrick JG Chair Guy and Girl LE