Tobias is the founder and Creative Director of Purple Dreams.  He founded the group in 1999 and has, to date, written, directed and performed in all seventeen productions for the group, compiling a selection of two-act plays, one-act plays and sketches.

The group regularly enter Drama Festivals and have proved to be a force to be reckoned with.  As an actor Tobias has won awards for Best Youth Actor ‘99, Best Actor ‘06, ‘07 ,’10 & '12. As a writer, he has won Best Original Script ’06, ’07 & ’08 and as a director recently won Best Production ’11 and '12..

In 2010, Purple Dreams produced the critically acclaimed ‘Persona’, which ran for two nights, with a cast of over fifteen! The show was a success and basis for the approaching ‘Empty Stage’ Tour.


Creative Director


Tobias as Chester in

'All Kinds Of Awkward'

Writer / Actor


Away from Purple Dreams, Tobias has professionally toured in a Rollason Entertainments production of Jack & The Beanstalk, and has appeared both on television on film. He appeared in reconstructions for an episode of “Missing Children: Lorraine Kelly Investigates” and two episodes of “Missing Mums: Lorraine Kelly Investigates”; both for Sky. Tobias also appeared as a Devonshire Servant in ‘The Duchess’, starring Keira Knightly and Ralph Fiennes, directed by Saul

Most recently, Tobias has appeared in a number of short films including 'Something Good.' (directed by Phillip Rashleigh), 'Noose' (directed by Naga Sai Pratish) and 'Patch' (directed by Jennifer Borcea), as well as some music videos.


Tobias also has an extensive list of ‘AmDram’ productions under his belt. Appearing with local groups Princess Theatre Club, Norfolk ‘N’ Good Adult Drama Group, The Rejects Drama Group and The Festival Players, Tobias has performed in over twenty-five productions including originally written pantomimes and well known productions of 'Man Alive', 'The Woman In White', 'Ten Times Table', 'Comic Potential', 'Cause Celebre', 'Relative Values' and 'Bedroom Farce'.

For the last twelve years, Tobias’ “day job” has been working in theatre and cinema. He started off selling sweets from a kiosk, delving into the world of technical – working as a stage manager – and rising up through the ranks of Assistant FOH Manager to General Manager and show programmer.

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